Strategy of isolation – the right way to cybersecurity – Freedom from Internet Insecurity

Digital economy is a reality and all things are digitally connected. But digital connectivity also means that economy also maximizes risks. And the biggest truth is that no matter what the businesses do towards cybersecurity, it is simply not adequate. No amount of spending on detection-based technologies will help keep a business safe.

The new breeds of attacks are only getting stronger and more sophisticated. Criminals are adopting new innovations in areas like artificial intelligence or machine learning and are following the quickest path to money; threats such as ransomware are growing fast. In fact, off-the-shelf tool kits today allow professionals and amateurs to create and deploy malware with relative ease
The small and medium businesses are particularly vulnerable as nearly 61% of breaches in 2016 hit smaller businesses per a Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2017 study.

While the investments in strengthening cybersecurity have not abated, the risk profiles of businesses have not reduced either. More than three fourth of all malware that enters a corporate network enters through the vulnerable web browser. The very act of browsing opens a vast attack surface. Per Gartner, over 78% of all malware that enters a network originates from the Internet.

Clearly, companies need to get out of this cycle of detection and response. It requires a paradigm mind shift change from this cycle of reaction to proactive isolation. To know more about Isolation, click here.

Balaji Desikamani

VP – Marketing & Channel Sales