Isolation Technology: Innovation that keeps Malware outside your firewall

Digital Transformation is real and every business is in a race to riding the digital wave to business and revenue growth. As they transform themselves digitally, they are also expanding their IT perimeter into cloud, devices and even things. But along with the opportunity to maximize revenues using digital also lies the big risk of not being secure enough. Cybersecurity is a burning question that most CIOs and CISOs have not been able to answer yet.

Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, Judy or the more recent Petya only exposes vulnerabilities in a digital enterprise. The biggest amongst these is the application that receives and executes code within an endpoint with minimal or no restrictions – the Web Browser!

As hackers, cyber criminals and continue to develop sophisticated malware, they see the web browser as easy entry point into a endpoint and consequently, an enterprise’s network. Studies clearly indicate that over 80% of malware is targeted and rendered through browsers. And as the risk magnifies, technologies like detection-based technologies of the past are futile in the wake of modern day attacks.

Conventional detection based technologies such as secure web gateways, firewalls, signature-based malware scanning, threat intelligence are unable to contain and prevent advanced web-based attacks. None of these technologies can simply match the volume, scale or speed of such attacks. The only way forward is through Isolation technology that delivers complete freedom.

Read more about how our Isla solution helps enterprises adopt a strategy of Isolation.

Rajiv Raghunarayan

Vice President - Products