The 2020 Cybersecurity Game Changer

It is that time of the year when it is useful to take a moment and reflect. Security and IT professionals that hold accountability for their networks, data, and reputation, and all agree on one thing clearly:

“The best detection technologies are proving to be no match for modern attacks!”

If anything, it is the age of Internet insecurity. No amount of additional investments into newer technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Threat Intelligence, and Analysis, or even investing in new IT technologies, is going to be good enough.

How can you win “playing defense” when threats are more sophisticated and widespread than ever?

Savor these stats:

  • More criminals are adopting innovations in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML)
  • Cybercriminals are following the quickest path to money; threats such as ransomware are growing fast (40% of the malware in 2019)
  • Off-the-shelf tool kits today allow professionals and amateurs to create and deploy malware with relative ease
  • Criminals are going after SMBs — 61% of breaches in 2019 hit small businesses
  • More than three-fourths (78%) of all malware enters through the vulnerable web browser.
  • The very act of browsing opens a large attack surface; 98% of external attacks happen over the public Internet, and 80% of these are directed at end-users using web traffic or malicious URLs. [source: Gartner]
  • Over the last decade, budgets for cybersecurity have increased by 10x – still, criminals can penetrate those environments

As a cybersecurity practitioner, how is your 2020 going to be different? How can you change the game and get ahead of the attackers without having to play catch-up?

As you start planning for 2020, I have a few questions for you.

  • How are you protecting your environment today for specifically web-based attacks?
  • How do you see your security evolving, as the new breed of attacks continues to succeed in spite of the best detection technologies?
  • How are you ensuring the security of the network when your employees are freely downloading active code and links when they browse?
  • To what degree are you trying to get ahead of the curve with your security strategy?
  • What do you imagine will be the future for companies who stay with detection-based security approaches?
  • How confident are you that the right technology is in place to protect the network from end-users’ browsing negligence?
  • How would you evaluate the role of Isolation as a potential solution to the scourge of malware?

Come 2020: The Cybersecurity Game Changer

I am sure you would like a sensible answer to the question, come 2020, how can we get better? Certainly, doing more of the same and expecting different results isn’t an answer. At Cyberinc, we are excited about 2020, simply because our game-changing new technology that is making the Internet safer again!

We are enthused about the Isla Isolation Platform, the finest and the only Hybrid Browser Isolation solution in the industry. The Isla Isolation Platform works to solve the fundamental requirements security and IT professionals like you need and need to include in your 2020 security initiatives:

  1. Speed: Attackers are getting smarter and the business & regulatory impact breaches more expensive
  2. Simplicity: To ensure cybersecurity is simple enough to be within reach of every business & individual
  3. Scale: Help business scale cybersecurity as more processes get digitized while also maximizing the impact of a limited pool of professionals

The Isla Isolation platform is a game-changing innovation that can indeed help on many fronts concerning securing web access initiatives in 2020. And as my colleague and chief product innovator at Cyberinc, Rajiv Raghunarayan outlines in his earlier blog – Security by Design, Isolation safeguards endpoints & users from threats by transforming all Internet-content – code, media, scripts, and files into harmless pixel streams delivered to the endpoint. The web represents one of the most vulnerable threat surfaces in any organization – we allow unknown, unchecked, unsanitary code to run freely on our endpoints – offering attackers a much sought-after opening.

The Isla Isolation Platform

Grounded in the principles of Zero Trust security, Isla neutralizes the critical categories of web, email, and document-based threats by taking all incoming code and isolating it on a remote virtual browser, then streaming harmless pixels back to your endpoint.

With Isla, you are safe from:

  1. Web Attacks – Using a Zero Trust model, Isla isolates all code coming through your web browser and neutralizes threats without the need for detection or compromising productivity. Isla protects you against threats, including drive-by downloads, malvertizing, ransomware, crypto mining, and Zero-Day attacks.
  2. Email Threats – Your data is safe from email threats, including malicious links & phishing with the Isla Isolation Platform. When users navigate to links within an email, Isla flags the page as suspicious and prevents users from inadvertently losing their credentials by presenting the page in read-only mode.
  3. Document-based threats – Isla enables policy-based controls and transforms documents into a safe rendering to keep document downloads from putting your organization at risk of a breach. Isla protects you from document-based threats, including scripts & macro viruses, trojans, keyloggers, spyware, ransomware, and rootkits.

Know more here about the Isla Isolation Platform. Remember, when you lock and complete your 2020 security initiatives and budget, you had a choice of a game-changer that could have reduced your attack surface by 70% and your alerts by 50% while delivering rich, advanced analytics.

Balaji Desikamani

VP – Marketing & Channel Sales